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Chancel Choir

Your Church Choir Recipe


This is your RECIPE for a rewarding Worship Experience!  Gather together with friends, neighbors and guest in a beautiful Sanctuary!  Turn your thoughts and prayers to what life is all about while piano and organ music fills the room reminding us that our Lord gave us music to express those deep feelings of the life he would have us live.  If you have sung “Jesus Loves Me” and felt the joy of blending your voice with others, you need to join our choir.  Choir rehearses at 8:45 each Sunday and dismisses at 9:15 to greet your friends before the Service begins at 9:30.  Join now, we need your talent to Praise the Lord! 



Bell Choir

We bring music into our service through our handbell choir.  All of our members are volunteers and you do not need a musical background to learn how to play the bells.  We enjoy working together to bring the joy of handbells to the service.  This is a fun way to be able to contribute to our worship. 

We rehearse every Thursday in the Church Sanctuary at 8:45 AM.  The choir is directed by Peg Baumgarten

Bell Choir Performance -12/15/2019



Ellen Stephenson is our magnificent keyboardist. In addition to supporting the choir she plays special musice she frequently arranges. Find out more of her many accomplishments on our Staff page.

Organ anthrem 4/3/22

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