Holiday Island Community Church
Holiday Island Community Church

Notes from Jeff



Happy New Year to all of our church family! My prayer for you is that 2018 will be filled with God's blessings. It will be a year where we will have all kinds of opportunities for ministry, spiritual growth, outreach, fellowship, and Christian education.


Karen and I are honored to be a part of the HICC family. We have found our new church family to be a very special and unique group of people.  It is an honor to serve as your ministry team!


With our Annual Meeting in January, you will see, via the statistics, that we have had a very good year in 2017in terms of growth, stewardship, and ministry. We are so fortunate to have such dedicated leadership.  You take seriously the reality that YOU are the church.  Well done thou good and faithful servant.


This allowed us to resurface our parking lot and to replace some AV/Heater units, purchase a new dishwasher, and to purchase some large praise banners with our Memorial Funds. As you review the 2017 budget, you will discover that you were wonderful stewards. We went about 35% over our targeted 2017 budget.


The thing that excites me about the 2018 budget is that we have been able to double our financial outreach. One of our "lights on the hill" during 2017 was our many outreach ministries.


On a personal note, I am starting my 50th year of licensed/ordained ministry. 21 of those years was as an Air Force Chaplain. The biggest blessing of those years was meeting thousands of wonderful Christian people like you who love their church.


Lastly, 2018 means that we will be 25 years old on Easter. We will do our big celebration the next weekend, April 7-8. The weekend looks like this:

April 7

Cookout at 12 pm with an Ellen Stephenson coordinate concert.

April 8

Regular services at 9:30 am; 25th Anniversary banquet with a catered lunch and Allen Thrasher reflecting on the 25 years.

We will also recognize all of our wonderful members and our Charter members. If you correspond with former members,please let them know what is happening.


As we start our third year at HICC my joy comes of hearing and seeing the joy that has returned to HICC, how we have reached out and made a big difference in our community, lots of wonderful shared experiences, and that we are seeing our church putting the finishing touches on being fully rounded and programmed. Thank you again for a great job in 2017.

Pastor Jeff






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Have you been attending HICC and would like to join the church?  It is a very simple process.  If you are interested, please contact Jeff  at home: 363-6766, or at 




  1. We always need:
    1. Drivers for Meals on Wheels
    2. People to prepare and deliver Meals for Shut-Ins
    3. Ushers                      
    4. A gentleman to help with cleaning 1 hour per week on Wednesday 8:30-9:30 








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